Kululum in Jewish Communities in the Diaspora   


Kululum in Jewish Communities in the Diaspora 

Kululum is a social musical initiative, created in order bring about a meeting of adults, youth, and children of the community in order to arouse the feeling of belonging, and the connection of every Jew to the State of Israel.
The idea is to stop everything for a few hours and simply to sing – together.
The initiative/meeting enables those participating in it to enjoy the feeling of togetherness through the experience of joint activity. Through the sounds and the voices arise a joint work of a social choir full of hope and optimism.

Beyond the feeling of belonging, arising and unusual fun, the meeting unites all the participants with the heritage, culture and love of the Land of Israel.
The entire process is filmed, starting from the stage of preparations, rehearsals, and, of course, during the joint singing, so that the special experience is perpetuated in a moving clip.

What do you get from us?
We provide you with a complete product from choosing the proper song, to preparing audio processing, musical management for instruction and conducting, live or play-back accompaniment, studio recording, photography, stage management and editing.
Prior experience in singing is not necessary.
Freddy Barak - A multifaceted musician, a veteran of a military band, graduate of the Levinsky seminar for music teachers, conductor and musical director of singing groups, and specializes in leading and producing public group singing for both students and parents in community events. In parallel, he produces and records projects for the World Zionist Organization in cooperation with Moreshet and the Prime Minister's Office: "Documenting the 1948 Generation", and "The Six-Day War Fighters", rich experience in producing clips for schools and community events. He took part in the project "Scholar in Residence", and as a lecturer at teachers' conferences in Europe for the Department of Diaspora Education and Culture of the Jewish Agency. 

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